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So what the hell is a neophile?

From Wikipedia:

Neophile or Neophiliac is a term used by counterculture cult writer Robert Anton Wilson to describe a particular type of personality. A neophile or neophiliac can be defined as a personality type characterized by a strong affinity for novelty. Neophiles/Neophiliacs have the following basic characteristics:

  • The ability to adapt rapidly to extreme change
  • A distaste or downright loathing of tradition, repetition, and routine
  • A tendency to become bored quickly with old things
  • A desire, bordering on obsession in some cases, to experience novelty
  • A corresponding and related desire to create novelty by creating or achieving something and/or by stirring social or other forms of unrest.

I am in the intellectual neophiles/neophiliac (the revolutionary philosopher and the technophile) category, as I’m most definitely not a social butterfly (or AM I….. I belong to how many social networking sites???) and I’m certainly not a kinetic neophile… HA yeah….

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Sacramento, CA

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